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Building a Movement of Digital Change Agents for 21st Century Basic Education 

Aware of the high demand for 21st century teaching skills in the basic education sector and excited about the inspiring potential of Bachelor of Education students and graduates, Flying Cows of Jozi connects the two by employing these passionate young people to expertly facilitate digital education projects for our clients.

Our clients are organisations that work in the digital education space developing, supplying and implementing resources for the (basic) education sector. Flying Cows of Jozi assists these organisations with consultancy on ICT integration in teaching & learning, design & delivery of digital skills training, development of digital education content, as well as the activation of school computer centres. These are key areas of expertise and experience which we have developed over the past 15 years.

Recognising the pivotal role that teachers play in implementing innovative solutions in teaching & learning, we’ve recently launched our Digital Skills Coaches Platform to support the teachers to do so successfully.

Are you interested in giving wings to your plans for 21st century education? We gladly share our insights and services, just contact us at or 083 729 8435 and we’ll take off from there!


Digital Skills Coaches

We know from experience that providing connectivity, infrastructure, digital content and training does not guarantee that teachers will implement their new digital skills in their daily classroom practice. It takes time for this change to happen and it requires consistent repetition and careful guidance to overcome hurdles of fear and frustration.

With the right guidance over time the chances that the digital skills become a natural part of classroom practice increase significantly, not only contributing to effective teaching but also offering a much better return on investment in digital skills programmes.

Our Digital Skills Coaches Platform offers qualified, flexible and ongoing coaching support for educators to successfully embed digital skills in their classroom practice. Or simply put: we tutor teachers!

The Digital Skills Coaches are available for face-to-face recurring school visits as well as online in one-to-many broadcasts or for one-on-one video consultations and via our WhatsApp Digital Skills Support lines. Teachers can call our support whenever needed: during school hours in the classroom or after hours when help is needed with preparing lesson plans or setting up assignments.

We offer guidance on a wide variety of digital solutions including the Microsoft and Google Education suites as well as programmes from specific service providers like Siyavula and custom designed programmes.


Flying Cows of Jozi employs senior Bachelor of Education students and recently graduated teachers who specialise in ICT in Education in addition to their various other majors that include the STEM-subjects, English, isiZulu and Business Studies.

The fact that they have both teaching and digital skills adds a lot of value to the projects we do for our clients: not only can they facilitate and advise on digital tools and training, they also understand the role of a teacher when we work to integrate technology in teaching and learning.

Working for Flying Cows of Jozi the students operate as action researchers, bringing their academic knowledge of the subjects they study (especially in School ICT Support and STEM education) to the projects we execute for our clients. This benefits our clients but also the students because they see how what they’ve learned in theory is relevant in education practice.  Collecting and processing the experience gained in the projects creates a body of knowledge that is used by the students in their Honours’ and Masters’ research work and we in turn draw on in new projects.

In addition to a fair hourly rate and valuable work experience we offer our employees personal development programmes including Mindfulness to build confidence and agency to truly become the digital change agents that the basic education sector so desperately needs.

Flying Cow feedback:
“Being employed by Flying Cows of Jozi means my ideas are heard and respected and I’m allowed to build them with the guidance of your experience”.  Other recurring comments are “encouraging me to move outside of the box”, “excited to be using my creativity”, “building a brighter future”. Click on the links below to hear the feedback from Malehlogonolo Boshielo and Thami Hemeni.


Our clients are organisations that work in the digital education space developing and supplying resources for the (basic) education sector. This is a key area of expertise and experience which we have developed over the past 15 years.

  • (Digital) educational publishers who create and distribute digital learning materials and train teachers on the use of their digital publications
  • Suppliers of digital education solutions (hardware and software) this includes school computer centres, learner management systems (LMS) and Virtual Reality solutions to name a few.
  • Large corporates who through their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes invest in implementing ICT solutions in the (basic) education sector. These solutions include teacher digital development programmes and online content platforms.
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs) in the education sector that offer digital content and training programmes incl maths & sciences support for teachers and learners.
  • Public and private schools aiming to integrate Edutech solutions in the classroom.

Flying Cows of Jozi assists these organisations with consultancy on ICT integration in teaching & learning, the design & delivery of digital skills training, development & editing digital education content, as well as the implementation & support of school computer centres.

We find that our clients are excited by the skills and knowledge of the Flying Cows of Jozi and enjoy the energy and fun they bring.

Client feedback:
“Congratulate the team on the excellent work done. We are incredibly impressed” – Cambridge University Press
“I wish the Flying Cows could work with us in the ICT centres” – Department of Basic Education District Teacher Development Centre Manager