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Change is a process, not an event

Flying Cows of Jozi ensures a better return on digital education investments by

  • offering an innovative coaching support programme
  • for educators, from ill-resourced rural schools to fully equipped private schools,
  • to successfully integrate digital skills in their classroom so that
  • their learners graduate with a better chance of succeeding in our 21st century society. 

Less than 40% of South Africa’s 25,000+ public schools have a functional computer centre, broadband access to the Internet isn’t available in large parts of the country, data costs are high and the majority of teachers are not skilled or confident enough to actively use digital tools in the classroom. This means that millions of learners don’t learn the critical 21st century STEM and digital skills they need for a meaningful future.

Many digital education interventions to address these problems fail or don’t reach their full potential because not enough time and resources are spent on supporting the teachers who play a pivotal role in activating the digital solutions. 

Flying Cows of Jozi coaches teachers to integrate new digital skills successfully and sustainably in  their daily classroom practice. This approach contributes not only to effective 21st century teaching but also offers a much better return on investment in digital education programmes.

Our 21st Century Educator Coaching platform

Through a combination of  interactive webinars and/or school visits, one-on-one coaching sessions and facilitated online peer learning groups we deliver our 21st Century Educator Coaching platfom that offers educators:

  • Understanding of the Teacher Professional Development framework for Digital Learning and related 21st century pedagogies
  • Practical tips & tricks for digital classroom, blended & online learning
  • Hands on training on the functionalities of the digital education tools and resources that are available in your school or learning environment. 

We customise this programme to activate a wide variety of digital education solutions including the Microsoft and Google Education suites as well as platforms from specific service providers like Siyavula and other custom designed programmes.

Make your digital education investment fly!

Do you want to give wings to your digital education investment? Contact us for a quote at or 083 7298 435.  We will

  • assess the objectives of your digital education project and the schools, teachers and digital tools & resources involved,
  • agree on the optimal 21st Century Educator Coaching programme to activate your digital education project and
  • take off from there!


Client feedback

“As an organisation that has a long history of working in education development, we recognise the importance of support, when attempting to implement new skills and approaches to teaching, and would highly recommend Flying Cows as a partner in this specialist aspect of education development.” – Casme (read more)

“Working with skilled individuals with a good understanding of merging ICT and education has been a pleasure. The assistance we received from Flying Cows of Jozi has helped us in growing our learner and teacher base in Gauteng and we would recommend a partnership with them.” – Siyavula (read more)

“With your coaching support, one of our Physical Science teachers integrated the online Maths & Science practice platform  so successfully in her teaching that she obtained an 83% matric pass rate up from 30% last year!” – Greater Taung, NW education subdistrict (read more) 

“Congratulate the team on the excellent work done. We are incredibly impressed” – Cambridge University Press

“I wish the Flying Cows could work with us in the ICT centres” – Department of Basic Education District Teacher Development Centre Manager Digital Skills Coaches in action

Are you an organisation that works in the digital education space developing and implementing digital resources and projects in the (basic) education sector like a:

  • (Digital) educational publisher who creates and distributes digital learning materials and trains teachers on the use of their digital publications
  • Supplier of digital education solutions (hardware and software) like school computer centres, learner management systems (LMS) and Virtual Reality solutions to name just a few.
  • Corporate who through your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes invests in implementing ICT solutions in the (basic) education sector including teacher digital development programmes and online content platforms.
  • Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) in the education sector that offers digital content and training programmes incl maths & sciences support for teachers and learners.
  • Public or private school aiming to integrate Edutech solutions in the classroom.

and do you want to make sure your digital education project reaches its full potential to prepare learners for a meaningful future in our 21st century society?

Then Flying Cows of Jozi is here for you with our proven 21st century educator coaching programme executed by our energetic team. 

Contact us for a quote at or 083 7298 435 and we’ll take off from there!



Flocks of passionate young teachers with digital skills fly to schools all over the country to activate digital resources and guide in-service teachers to confidently use these in their classrooms.

That’s how Flying Cows of Jozi transforms the future of education!

Headed by EdTech veteran Josine Overdevest, Flying Cows of Jozi employs recently graduated teachers who specialise in ICT in Education in addition to their various other majors that include the STEM-subjects, English, isiZulu and Business Studies.

They have both digital and teaching skills allowing them to not only coach in-service teachers on the effective use of digital tools and resources but also support the changing pedagogical role of the 21st century teacher.

We work, learn and grow

Working as Flying Cows, the young teachers bring their academic knowledge of the subjects they study (especially in School ICT Support and STEM education) to the 21st Century Educator Coaching programmes we execute for our clients. This benefits our clients but also the young teachers because they see how what they’ve learned in theory is relevant in education practice.  Reflecting on the experience from working on client projects creates a body of knowledge that is used by the Flying Cows in their Honours’ and Masters’ research work and that we in turn draw on in new projects.

and build a brighter future
“Being employed by Flying Cows of Jozi means my ideas are heard and respected and I’m allowed to build them with the guidance of your experience”.  Other recurring comments are “encouraging me to move outside of the box”, “excited to be using my creativity”, “building a brighter future”. Click on the links below to hear the feedback from Flying Cows Malehlogonolo Boshielo and Thami Hemeni.