For the love of learning

Calling young teachers to participate using:

Are you also tired of waiting and frustrated by the enormous need for learning amidst all confusion, frustration and uncertainty due to Covid-19, lockdown and re-opening of schools?

Are you ready to put your passion into practice and flex your 21st century skills and be creative, agile and entrepreneurial?

Do you agree it is time to show the world the power of young teachers to shape the future of education?

What if

  • together we could support those learners, parents, teachers, tutors out there who want to keep learning even with schools (partially) closed?
  • the passion for teaching and 21st century skills of young & student teachers would be turned into a force for good?
  • together we would devote our knowledge, creativity and network to this cause?

What would this look like?

We would love to start having conversations with young teachers now, finding out where they see learning needs in their communities and where they already are busy teaching or would love to jump in. Initiatives could be assisting learners in tutor groups, guiding teachers who want to keep teaching going remotely or helping out community members who want their children to keep learning.

Clients and organisations we spoke to are interested to come on board and make their resources, like teacher access to Siyavula so you can run an online maths & science tutor group on their platform, digital textbooks from Cambridge so you have the relevant CAPS aligned content at hand, professional advice on pedagogy and on running small businesses, available.

Where better to start then by asking you!

Are you ready to join our conversation and our movement?

We’ve created an intake form where you can share your initiatives & ideas to keep learning going.

Here you can indicate your critical thinking about what you need to make your learning initiative fly

  • What do you contribute yourself
  • What could your learners, be it school learners, teachers, tutors or community members contribute
  • What else do you need

The more initiatives are brought to our platform, the wider the network will be and the more other parties are willing to join to make even more resources available so we truly give wings to learning!


We look forward to hearing from you!


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