For the love of learning

Do you see opportunities to keep learning going amidst the uncertainties of lockdown?

Are you ready to flex your 21st century skills and create your own income?

Do you agree it is time to show the world the power of young teachers to shape the future of education?


  • creating your own income doing what you love best
  • turning your passion for teaching and 21st century skills into a force for good
  • addressing the ongoing need for learning of learners, parents, teachers and tutors with schools (partially) closed
  • having a network of like minded and experienced individuals & organisations to back you up

And make it fly…

We would love to hear where you see teaching opportunities in your community and how you take them on.

Are you assisting learners in tutor groups, are you guiding teachers who want to keep teaching going remotely or have you come up with a plan to support parents with home schooling? Did your create an exciting course or design an educational app? Have you already started or are you ready to jump in?

We want to work with your passion for education and make your edu-business a success!

Our platform and network are available to you and we connect you to resources like the Siyavula Maths & Science platform and the Cambridge University Press digital textbooks. With professional advice on entrepreneurship, educational content and pedagogy, we’ll support you to make your edu-business fly!

Join our movement!

Are you ready to take on the challenge and join our movement?

We’ve created an intake form where you can share your initiatives & ideas to keep learning going. Here you can indicate how you plan your edu-business and what you need to make it fly:

  • What do you contribute yourself
  • What could your learners, be it school learners, teachers, tutors or community members contribute
  • What else do you need
Click & join!

The more edu-business initiatives are brought to our platform, the wider the network will be and the more parties will join to make even more resources available so we truly give wings to learning!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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