Sparking connections

Based on a passion for inclusion and development of people, organisations and the ever-changing society we live in.

Across the digital divide, strategy and implementation, people and technology, private and public, business and social, the familiar and the unfamiliar.

You’ll find the Flying Cows of Jozi.

At work, building a movement of digital change agents for 21st century basic education.

On walks, inviting people to be present in Johannesburg CBD.

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Graduation celebrations!

March 20th, 2019|0 Comments

Congratulations on your Bachelor of Education degree Thokozile Mokwena! Thokozile's dream for South African education is that it will be more child-centered, allowing each individual to develop their specific talents and skills. She's majored in [...]

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What brings people back to decaying inner cities?

November 15th, 2018|0 Comments

15 November 2018 - In her second blog post inspired by the hashtag#SingTheCity fundraising walk for Gauteng Opera, Liz Belmont puts the spotlight on people and developments that make inner city Jozi come alive. She highlights [...]

At work

Excited about the inspiring potential of Bachelor of Education students and graduates, and aware of the demand for their 21st century teaching skills in the basic education sector, Flying Cows of Jozi connects the two by employing these change agents to facilitate digital education projects for our clients.   

Flying Cows of Jozi is a division of Bamboo Rock, the ICT consulting, training and interim management company that for the past 15 years has developed and executed projects connecting people and technology, together with partners from different parts of society.

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On foot

“Being present in this city of extremes and its humanity in between grows our hearts and our horizon.” 

Flying Cows of Jozi invites leaders from business, social and art communities for a walk in town to experience Jozi, the city that reflects and condenses the contradictions at play in the country, and maybe in the world, today: where you can drink your rooftop champagne with a view of overcrowded migrant hostels. 

Having these contradictions compressed on just a few square klilometres presents a perspective that is hard to escape and in an intriguing way shapes your understanding of the issues we’re dealing with as a society. 

The intimate walk is hosted by inner city resident Josine Overdevest who found the inspiration for Flying Cows of Jozi on her 4 year walking journey in town.

Following the Presencing guidelines of MIT’s Otto Scharmer and in the words of Antony Osler, we ask you “stop for a moment, to pay attention, to put down our arguments and our fixed positions and to open our eyes. There we will find our world in all its glorious ordinariness. We will stand in each others’ shoes and be willing to be surprised”

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