Preparing teachers for the 4th Industrial Revolution

1 November 2018 – The October 2018 edition of UJ’s EduBrief featured another article on the work of Flying Cows of Jozi this time zooming in on how the personal and professional development programmes offered to our talented young teachers prepares them for the opportunities and challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We’ve copied the text of the article below. You can also read the original article here:

Since the first Flying Cows of Jozi project in May 2018 where UJ’s BEd students trained 92 Vodacom/DBE District Teacher Development Centre managers in the use of the digital resources in their centres, more digital education projects have been added to our portfolio. One of these projects is the review and research for digitising Cambridge University Press study guides for Grades 10-12 Accounting, English, Maths Literacy and Geography.

Eight students have reviewed the study guides in line with the DBE Subject Improvement Framework and suggested digital additions (videos, podcasts and interactive activities) to enhance the study guides’ content. The students worked in teams of two on each of the subjects and in weekly meetings we discussed progress and exchanged tips and tricks. As one of the students reflected: “This project made me think of more creative and innovative ways of getting the content that is just right. Moreover, we gained insight on the learners’ needs and this helped improve my craft as a teacher.”

Cambridge University Press is very excited about the collaboration with Flying Cows of Jozi, in the words of publishing manager Niall McNulty: “Congratulate the team on the excellent work done. We are Incredibly impressed.” This is such a great compliment to the students and to the UJ Faculty members who brought them to where they are today!

Cambridge University Press has asked Flying Cows of Jozi to assist with setting up and executing the internship programme for educational writers, editors and proof readers at their organisation.

These digital education projects perfectly fit the ambition of Flying Cows of Jozi to expose students to new opportunities and contribute to professional and personal development. To inform our development programmes we consider the four different types of intelligence that are crucial to meeting the opportunities and challenges of The Fourth Industrial Revolution as identified by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same title. These include:

  • Contextual (the mind) intelligence: how we understand and apply our knowledge (“across boundaries of business, government, civil society, faith and academia”)
  • Emotional (the heart) intelligence is about “how we process and integrate our thoughts and relate to ourselves and to one another. Skills like self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills are essential.”
  • Inspired (the soul) intelligence is about “how we use a sense of individual and shared purpose, trust and other virtues to effect change and act towards the common good.”
  • Physical (the body) intelligence is about how “we cultivate and maintain our personal health and well-being and that of those around us to be in a position to apply the energy required for both individual and systems transformation.”

In addition to on-the-job mentoring in projects for our digital education clients, Flying Cows of Jozi asks students to participate with our “Be Here Now – Flying Cow” mindfulness programme by Lucy Draper-Clarke who researched the use of mindfulness training in Teacher Education, particularly in its ability to alleviate stress and its potential to improve teachers’ presence in the classroom for her PhD.

And once a month we dance a Nia class with a certified Nia teacher. Nia combines martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, such as yoga and Alexander Technique. It’s an hour of movement set to inspiring music and develops flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.

This combination of work and development programmes had one of our students exclaiming: “Being employed by Flying Cows of Jozi means my ideas are heard and respected and I’m allowed to build them with the guidance of your experience!”




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