Designers of Innovative Learning

Many thanks to the National Education Collaboration Trust for inviting us to their Dialogue on Innovative School Networks: Teachers as Designers of Innovative Learning Environments!

The Programme offered an interesting mix of theory and practical examples of innovative learning environments including an update from the 21st Century Sandbox Schools Project and inspiring real-life experiences from school principals who showed that you don’ t need access to the latest gadgets to expose learners to 21st century skills.

Panelists from the Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg, Nova Pioneer and the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership & Governance shared how they educate and coach (student) teachers to be designers of innovative learning environments.

The Flying Cows of Jozi have already begun brainstorming solutions to some of the challenges that came up in this Dialogue and we look forward to contribute our young teachers’ perspective to the 21st Century Sandbox Schools Project!




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