We like to Mooove it!

After a busy few weeks of exams, assignments and client projects it was great to blow off steam in a specially designed “Mooove it” Nia playshop on Wednesday. Flying Cows of Jozi offers employees these playshops to help them embody the 21st century skills that they learn in their studies and work and strengthen their change agent potential.

The playshops are offered by certified Nia teacher, Iris Monzeglio. Nia is an hour of movement set to inspiring music and combines martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, such as yoga and Alexander Technique. For this special “Mooove It” session Iris began with an exploration of the five sensations by explaining them one-by-one and then showing some movements that allowed the Flying Cows to experience what they feel like. ┬áThe five sensations are flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability and they all support change agents in the important work they do in education.

The exploration was followed by an energetic, hour long class combining all of these moves with some great music that got everyone going full out. “We needed this!”and “When can we come again?!” was some of the immediate feedback.

Says Iris: “It was such a pleasure to share the practice of Nia with this wonderful group of positive, spirited and joyful Flying Cows. The future is looking bright with these young leaders in it!”

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