With 25+ years’ experience in the ICT industry, of which over 15 years in South Africa, Josine Overdevest works as a consultant and entrepreneur in the digital development space, following her passion for inclusion and development of people, organisations and the ever-changing society we live in.

Through her company Bamboo Rock Josine develops and executes projects across the digital divide, strategy and implementation, people and technology, private and public, business and social, the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Josine is excited about the potential of digital solutions and digital skills development in the education sector and loves being involved with projects for teacher development. Through these projects she learned about the great value that young teachers with ICT in education specialisation could add to the basic education sector and the difficulty they have to find employment that makes optimal use of their digital skills.

This has led to the establishment of Flying Cows of Jozi, building a movement of digital change agents for 21st century basic education. Flying Cows of Jozi employs young teachers on digital education projects and offers the professional and personal development to build their confidence and agency.


Dutch immigrant falls
in love with inner city Jozi


As inner city resident and enthusiastic urban walker Josine invites leaders from business, social and art communities for a walk in town to experience the diverse sights, sounds and special encounters that spell Jozi.

Jozi, the city that reflects and condenses the contradictions at play in the country, and maybe in the world, today: where you can drink your rooftop champagne with a view of overcrowded migrant hostels.

Following the Presencing guidelines of MIT’s Otto Scharmer and in the words of Antony Osler, she asks you “stop for a moment, to pay attention, to put down our arguments and our fixed positions and to open our eyes. There we will find our world in all its glorious ordinariness. We will stand in each others’ shoes and be willing to be surprised”

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